Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tilly's Tale to be featured on Wild About Pets, Radio Show

Author of Tilly's Tale and the up and coming second book in the series Dylan's Tale is going to be on Wild About Pets, Radio Show this Friday April 30th. Please stop in and see what he has to say not only about Tilly and the other pack of lovable furry friends but also about dog training.

April 30, 2010 - Children's Books and Dog Training
With guests, Harry Porter, author of "Tilly's Tale", an award winning children's book and Toriano Antonine Sanzone, Dog Trainer and author of "Wolfkeeper."

We'll hear about why popular British novelist, Harry Porter, has started writing a series of delightful children's books - all told from the point of view of the dog. For the second segment of the show, we'll talk about dog training. With all the recent guests I have had on the show, talking about using the style of dog training known as positive training, I'll give time to the other philosophy, compulsive training and we'll find out why some trainers feel the need at times to utilize stronger training methods. 

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tilly's Tale is in City Kidz World Magazine

City Kidz World Magazine spring issue was just released and Tilly's Tale has a review in the magazine. I am super excited to see my copy that I hope comes in the mail soon! There is a video on City Kidz World Magazine fan page on Facebook regarding the spring issue, please take the time to click and check out the video. Please help Tilly's Tale become a house hold name buy your copy of Tilly's Tale and a copy of City Kidz World Magazine spring issue.

Thank you for all your support!


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Troy Truck Sale?!

Troy Truck is celebrating Earth Month...
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Saturday, April 3, 2010


I hope everyone has a festive Easter and is able to spend time with there loved ones. I doodled this little guy and thought I would share.