Friday, November 20, 2009

Win a FREE signed copy

Enter a coloring contest to win a FREE first edition signed copy of

Troy Truck Explores Maui
Written by Julyn Watkins
Illustrated by Mandy Hedrick.


Children in 3 to 8 years of age are eligible to participate.


1. Contestants must color their own entry, without assistance from others.
2. The picture may be decorated with crayons, markers, paint, pencils . . . any way you like.
3. Entries must be returned to by December 18th 2009
4. No purchase is necessary in order to enter.


Two contest winners age 3-5 and 6-8 will be awarded each a signed copy of Troy Truck Explores Maui Written by Julyn Watkins Illustrated by Mandy Hedrick TJW Books, mail at the expense of Mandy Hedrick.

Send completed coloring sheet to:

Coloring Contest

Be sure to include your name, home address, phone number, email address and age as indicated above. This information is confidential and will be used for distribution of prizes. The name and address portions must be completed correctly to receive the winning copy of the book. Winners will be announced and posted on , and on December 21th 2009 winners will also be emailed. If you have any questions please email me at

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tilly's Tale has received a five star review!!!

I am very excited to say that the following review was published on yesterday. Reviewer Fran Lewis has produced a review that in itself as full of emotion and I'm so pleased that Tilly's story was able to reach into and touch the heart of an experienced reviewer. Here is the review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Tilly: A Role Model for All Dogs and More, November 17, 2009
By Fran Lewis "Fran and Bertha" - See all my reviews
Tilly's Tale by Harry Porter
Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Abuse of any kind is wrong and totally unforgiveable. No matter what the reason is no one has to right to neglect a pet or a person leaving him or her in a state that causes him or her both physical and mental harm. Many times animals that are left unattended on the street or in this case in the outside yard, become sick, diseased and sad from the lack of love and care they once received. Tilly is a Bedlington/Glen of Imaal Crossbreed terrier who was loved and cared for by a man named Sam. When Sam died and left Tilly in the care of his son and his wife, poor Tilly's life became a real nightmare.

Sam's son wanted to take Tilly home and care for her as his father did when he was alive. But, his wife would not hear of it and this beautiful and wonderful dog was cast into the cold and left to practically fend for herself. Outside in the cold and damp weather Tilly became gaunt, thin and felt unloved. That is the worst thing anyone can do to a dog or anyone. Everyone needs a home and poor Tilly only wanted what she had before; a warm and loving family to take care of her and love her.

In Tilly's own words the author relates her experiences from the moment she felt abandoned to the moment she is taken to the Sanctuary to safety. Although the people at the Sanctuary are kind and caring, Tilly lets the reader know that she hopes that someday a family will come with a bright and shiny new leash just for her.

After weeks of hoping her dreams came true and Harry Porter and his family chose our Tilly to be a part of their family. Not only was she nurtured and cared for but she became part of a family of dogs that grew to love her and her them. Tilly is a rescue dog. In case you don't know what a rescue is, it is one that has been a victim of abuse at the hand of a human in one form or another.

Throughout this heartwarming tale we learn how Tilly becomes assimilated within this family and how she helps when tragedy strikes and when new dogs are added to her family. Tilly loves living with Harry and she is not just a rescue dog but has been trained to detect human DNA simply by identifying the scent. Tilly is smart, spunky bright. She has won contests and made her family proud. But, most of all she has overcome the fears and thoughts that haunted her before coming into this loving and great family.

Throughout the world there are many dogs and other animals that need homes and just want to be loved. This is a true story of a remarkable dog who did not give up on herself or humans. It is the story of a man named Harry Porter who has a heart of gold and has made rescuing dogs a major part of his life.

The illustrations add to the story by allowing the reader to see each of the dogs that are added to the family. The cover of the book with Tilly on it endears you to her even more just looking at her kind eyes and beautiful face. You feel as if she is speaking to you and personally telling you her story.

This is a must read for everyone and I think would be great for children to have read to them in school. I think that this would make a great addition to pet stores and rescue shelters when children or adults want to buy a pet or rescue one from the Sanctuary.

Harry Porter: You are really amazing. Tilly, no one will ever forget you or your family of special dogs. To learn more about her family and the other dogs in it, you will have to read Tilly's Tale and get the information from her.

*I give this book five Tilly's

Fran Lewis: reviewer

Tilly's Tale is available from the following sources:

4RV Publishing
Barnes & Noble
Powell's Books

and in the UK from

Monday, November 16, 2009

My books are out!

I am excited to announce that my first two illustrated book are now available. Troy Truck is currently available on the publishers website (click to order) there are a limited number of First Edition books that will be signed by both the Author and I, these will also be numbered copies. Troy Truck Explores Maui will soon be available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. My second published book Tilly's Tale is currently available on the publishers website, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. If you would like a copy of Tilly's Tale signed by me I will have a limited number books available that will be able to be purchased through me or I will sign the copy you have purchased elsewhere. Either book can be purchased through me, if you would like this option please contact me back by email. I have attached information on both books below. Thank you everyone for your support, and please forward on my blog information on to anyone you feel you enjoy these books!

Troy Truck
(3 - 8 years old)

Join Troy Truck, the solar powered and eco-friendly monster truck, as he explores the island of Maui. He sees incredible things and meets amazing animals on this great adventure. ‘Go Green’ is his motto. He loves this planet and hopes everyone will appreciate it, and all its creatures, and do their part in protecting this place that we all call home. There is a ‘Did You Know’ information section at the end of this book that is fun and educational.
Printed in the USA on recycled paper.

Tilly's Tale
(8 - 12 years old)

Rescued when life looked bleak and her future uncertain, Tilly found love and a new purpose in her life. Read Tilly's story in her own "words," share the highs and the lows of her struggle to be loved and wanted, and be prepared to fall in love with this very special terrier. Printed in the USA.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First online review

Troy Truck
has received his first online review! Thank you to for taking the time to review and post about Troy Truck Explores Maui. Please click here to be taken to the site so you can read the awesome review! If you would like a First Edition, numbered, and signed copy of Troy Truck Explores Maui please visit to order. Copies are limited so please order soon... once they are gone... they are gone...

Until next time.....

Give the gift of reading this holiday season.... give a book.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tilly's Tale now available to purchase!

The Heart-warming

Tale of Tilly,

a Rescued Dog

Tilly’s Tale is the first in the Harry Porter’s Dog Tales series of books, an enchanting and captivating look at the lives of the many different dogs who live with the author and his family. Told in her own “words” Tilly’s Tale relates the sometimes sad, but ultimately uplifting story of this talented and intelligent little dog’s life, from her abandonment and unhappiness on the death of her owner to the full and happy times she now shares in Harry’s home. Rescued when life looked bleak and her future uncertain, Tilly found love and a new purpose in her life. Read Tilly’s own story, share the highs and the lows of her struggle to be loved and wanted, and be prepared to fall in love with this very special terrier.

Tilly's Tale is my second illustrated book to be published and is now available for purchase at the publishers website This book will soon be available at all major book retailer locations (Amazon, Barnes and Noble and local stores soon). Please watch for my updates and email me on how to get a signed copy of this book!

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