Sunday, November 13, 2011

First house project ... Peeling wall paper!

So I am not a fan of wall paper... and when we moved in our new house had this wall paper that just reminded me of the game Space Invaders... needless to say it had to come down ASAP! 
As most of my readers know I am a "green" person, I try to be "green" I know that I am not prefect at it, but I still try. : ) With this project I stayed "green".

Tools needed...
Lavender Oil
Warm Water
Water bottle
multi purpose scraper
and a lot (and I mean a lot) of patients

You add about a tablespoon of the Lavender Oil to the spray bottle and fill with warm water. Shake well and spray.

Step One

Find a seem to the wall paper and start to peel it off, it will rip and leave a white paper and glue layer under neither.

Step Two

Spray and wipe it down with your hand so it doesn't soak into the flooring under neither you. You want it to stay on the wall paper.

Step Three

Wait 15 minutes to start peeling the wet wall paper off. During that time you need to make sure the wall paper stays wet. YES, you really need to wait the 15 minutes!

Step Four 

Peel and repeat the process until you are wall paper free!

This is a easy project just time consuming a messy! Once all the wall paper is gone from your walls... wash them and prep them for paint. 


The Last Section to be removed


My next project is to paint this room, update switches, plugs and lighting (thank you to my husband)
Watch for my next DIY project post with paint!